The Waldorf Salad from Inspired Go

Traditional family recipes are a must-have during this time of year. That's why we are excited to present to you our twist on The Classic Waldorf Salad recipe! We've taken this tried-and-true meal and turned it into a melody of flavours that are anything but ordinary. The Classic Waldorf Salad originated over 100 years ago at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City. It started as a simple salad of apples, celery, and mayonnaise because they were all ingredients that were available all year round. Over time, red grapes and nuts were added to the mix. Today, we present to you The Waldorf Salad! It combines a few classics and less traditional ingredients into a delicious melody of flavours. Don't wait to try it!

The Inspired Waldorf Ingredients

This meal starts with the crunchy grapes and the crisp julienned apples. These ingredients offer a tremendous amount of sweetness and a refreshing burst of juicy texture in every bite. They also pair incredibly well with the glazed pecans and sweet raisins. Just like any traditional Waldorf Salad, you will find sliced celery, and we also added broccoli stems to break up all of the sweet flavour profiles in this meal. We even added a hard-boiled egg to up your protein intake and bring a hardy profile to the meal. The result is a sweet and savoury meal that brings you joy in every bite!

The Secret Behind The Creamy Dressing

All of the classic ingredients in this meal are topped with a house-made creamy poppyseed dressing that is both nostalgic and fresh. This dressing has a hint of honey for sweetness, lemon juice for tartness, and dijon mustard for a bit of a kick. Poppyseeds are bountiful in this recipe to contribute to the unique texture you experience while eating this meal. Instead of mayonnaise in this dressing recipe, we feature greek yogurt to cut back on the calories and fat intake. In fact, this meal rings in at only 530 calories, making it a great weekly go-to!

Served on Spinach and Greenhouse Lettuce

Traditionally, The Waldorf Salad is served in a cocktail glass, a hollowed-out apple, or atop butter lettuce leaves. This is where the Inspired Go twist comes into play! We serve The Waldorf Salad on our signature greenhouse Inspired Greens lettuce and a mix of baby spinach leaves. This unique blend adds nutrition and taste to your meal!

Order The Waldorf Salad Today!

Be forewarned that The Waldorf Salad is pretty addicting. If you have a house full this holiday season, we suggest having a small stock of this meal on hand because it will be the first to be pulled off the fridge shelves! The Inspired Go version of the Waldorf Salad is a mix of spicy glazed pecans, julienned apple, chopped celery, red grapes, hard-boiled egg, raisins, broccoli stalk, spinach, greenhouse lettuce, and a homemade greek yogurt based creamy poppyseed aioli dressing. Even with the creamy dressing and added hard-boiled egg, this meal only rings in at 530 calories and has 12g of protein. You won't want to miss your chance to experience the Inspired Go version of The Waldorf Salad. Place an order today on!