The Sweet Market Salad
from Inspired Go

The newest salad to hit our menu is a combination of sweet, savoury, and simple ingredients. It's the perfect final salad launch to finish off 2023! In this meal, we combine feta cheese, dried cranberries, beets, carrots, and sunflower seeds. Everything is tossed in a delicious homemade lemon honey aioli dressing. This salad embodies that feeling of visiting your local market and purchasing your favourite ingredients to mix into a meal. Instead of all of the work that it would take to craft this meal, we are delivering it to your doorstep ready to eat!

The Sweet Market Ingredients

This salad starts with the roots - julienne beets and carrots keep every bite full of crunch. The crumbled feta embodies just the right amount of creaminess, while the roasted sunflower seeds and dried cranberries add a sweet and nutty flavour to the root vegetables. Everything is served on a bed of our greenhouse lettuce, which has plenty of crunch without overwhelming the rest if the meal.

The Lemon Honey Aioli Dressing

This salad is topped off with our house-made lemon honey aioli dressing made fresh right before your meal is assembled. It is made with greek yogurt, so it has probiotic properties and is delightful and creamy. You'll also notice subtle notes of garlic, which makes this dressing particularly addicting!

The Nutrition Low Down

It is important to consume plenty of root and green vegetables. They have several healthy effects on our bodies, such as increased vitamin intake, aiding with digestion, and providing us with an array of antioxidants. It is exceptionally important to arm your body with nutrients as we head into the cold and flu season! You'll notice that this salad is only 490 calories but still contains 14g of protein and 7g of fibre. It's basically a powerhouse of a meal that will become a new staple in your fridge!

Order The Sweet Market Salad

Be introduced to a world where eating a healthy and chef-crafted salad does not have to cost you a fortune and doesn't take hours to assemble. The Sweet Market Salad can be delivered to your doorstep and stays fresh in your fridge all week. That means you will have healthy food waiting for you whenever you get hungry! The Sweet Market Salad is a mix of feta cheese, dried cranberries, beets, carrots, sunflower seeds, greenhouse lettuce, and a homemade lemon honey aioli dressing. It is sweet, savoury, and simple - just the way we like it!