The Superfood Salad from Inspired Go

There is no better way to kick off 2024 than by introducing our new Superfood Salad! We are back with a salad infused with micronutrients in every bite, ensuring your salad experience is a powerhouse of vitality and energy. As you dive into new adventures in 2024, our Superfood Salad stands ready to be your ultimate go-to - enhancing your well-being with nutrient-dense goodness. The best part is that you can ditch the meal prep in 2024. Everything is delivered to your home ready-to-eat. Place your next Inspired Go order today and include the new Superfood Salad in your order!

A Unique Blend of Ingredients

We carefully crafted the ingredients in this meal to include some of our favourite superfoods while also delivering a knockout-tasting salad! The unique blend features greenhouse greens, red cabbage, apples, and root vegetables such as carrots and beets. This medley not only provides fibre, iron, and vitamin C but also promises a delightful fusion of flavours. Adding a touch of richness and calcium, crumbled feta complements the fresh mix of fruits and vegetables. The salad is topped with spicy glazed pecans - adding a kick of essential fats and protein. The red onions provide a zesty touch, enhancing the vibrant dill notes in our creamy herb dressing.

The Creamy Herb Dressing

This healthy salad recipe would fall short without an equally nutritious and delicious dressing. It features ingredients that are equal parts nutritious as they are tasty. The best part about this dressing is that it has a creamy texture to coat all of the powerhouse ingredients. You'll be eating every last bite! The featured ingredients are honey for sweetness, lemon juice for zest, and fresh dill for that refreshing herb flavour. Dijon mustard and white balsamic vinegar also add depth and dimension to the dressing. It's a tasty combination that can be celebrated every time you dig into the Superfood Salad!

Superfoods Explained

Superfoods are renowned for their concentration of nutritional benefits with minimal calories. They are pivotal in supporting your body's vital functions and helping you feel energized and whole. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals in our bodies (the byproducts that wreak havoc on our system). Ordering the Inspired Go Superfood Salad is an easy way to help your body increase its intake of all these superfoods! Making the Superfood Salad a part of your routine means giving your body the goodness it craves and deserves!

Superfood Salad - Ready to Order

It's time to embark on your journey of nourishment in 2024! The Superfood Salad is the perfect launch to give your body ultimate nutrition while indulging in a delicious meal. This healthy salad recipe is packed with spicy glazed pecans, crumbled feta cheese, crunchy carrot, deep red beets, juicy apple, zesty red onion, pea shoots, red cabbage, greenhouse lettuce, and a creamy herb dressing. When you place an Inspired Go order, your meals stay fresh for the week. You have nutritious and delicious meals to fill your fridge with no prep involved. Your well-being deserves a celebration! Place an Inspired Go order today!