The Easy Peasy Salad
from Inspired Go

The newest salad from Inspired Go celebrates our ability to make healthy eating easy. The star of the Easy Peasy Salad is the humble snap pea in all its crunchy, flavourful glory! Each pod is a testament to nature's perfection, bursting with sweetness and crunch. With every bite, you'll experience the joy of simplicity and the satisfaction of wholesome goodness. It is a celebration of your hassle-free ticket to fresh, vibrant flavours delivered right to your doorstep. The Easy Peasy Salad was meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds and simplify your life. This salad doesn't just make life easy โ€“ it makes it easy peasy with its convenient delivery and irresistible freshness!

Snap Peas and More!

Picture this: crunchy peppered croutons, zesty pickled onions, sweet carrots, cool cucumbers, tangy radishes, burst-in-your-mouth grape tomatoes, vibrant red cabbage, and our crisp greenhouse lettuce. It's a symphony of flavours and textures, with each ingredient carefully selected to complement the star of the dish. We have carefully selected the finest snap peas, ensuring they're plump, crunchy, and bursting with flavour. Picture yourself sinking your teeth into these tender pods, releasing their juicy goodness with each satisfying snap. These vibrant green gems aren't just a garnish โ€“ they're the star of the show, adding a satisfying crunch and a hint of sweetness to every mouthful. Their vibrant colour and crisp texture not only enhance the visual appeal of the salad, but also provide a refreshing contrast to the other ingredients. The best part is that snap peas aren't just delicious โ€“ they're also incredibly nutritious, packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish your body and brighten your day. So whether you're a snap pea aficionado or a newcomer to their delightful charms, the Easy Peasy Salad invites you to savour the simple joy of fresh, wholesome ingredients. With snap peas leading the way, every bite is a celebration of flavour, freshness, and effortless dining!

New Heights

It gets even better! Our homemade parmesan vinaigrette elevates this salad to new heights. Made with love and premium ingredients, it's the perfect accompaniment to the fresh, vibrant flavours of the Easy Peasy Salad. Creamy yet tangy, our vinaigrette begins with a hint of the smooth richness of mayonnaise, lending a luxurious texture that coats every ingredient. You'll taste a zesty brightness from fresh lemon juice that adds a refreshing kick to awaken the senses. The star of this dressing is the savoury parmesan cheese that is smoothly blended into the vinaigrette and offers distinct umami depth to the mix. Its nutty undertones mingle with the tang of white wine vinegar, creating a nuanced complexity that keeps you coming back for more. Fragrant parsley adds a pop of freshness, while a hint of dijon mustard provides a subtle yet satisfying bite. These carefully curated ingredients combine to create a vinaigrette that is as versatile as it is delicious!

And Sustainable!

At Inspired Go, sustainability isn't just a buzzword. Our dedication to sustainability begins with our ingredients. Whenever possible, we source locally grown produce, and every one of our salads contains our greenhouse lettuce that is grown in Coaldale, AB. By choosing locally grown lettuce, we are reducing our carbon footprint associated with transportation, contributing to the vitality of our communities, and embracing the major environmental benefits of technology that this smart greenhouse utilizes. Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end there - we are also passionate about reducing food waste by carefully planning our production to minimize surplus ingredients and promoting less food waste by customers with perfectly portioned meals. When it comes to packaging, we are using the best recyclable materials and spending research dollars exploring innovative packaging solutions to reduce waste further in the produce industry. By choosing the Easy Peasy Salad, you're not just enjoying a delicious and convenient meal, you are also being socially responsible!

Celebrating Convenience

The Easy Peasy Salad recipe isn't just delicious โ€“ it's also incredibly convenient. Delivered fresh to your door, it's ready to enjoy whenever hunger strikes. With its impressive shelf life of up to 5 days in the fridge, you can find comfort in knowing that a wholesome, nourishing meal is always within reach. This salad features snap peas, peppered croutons, pickled onion, carrot, cucumber, radish, grape tomatoes, red cabbage, greenhouse lettuce, and a homemade parmesan vinaigrette. The Easy Peasy Salad from Inspired Go has irresistible flavours, hassle-free delivery, and long-lasting freshness; it's the ultimate solution for busy individuals craving convenience without compromising on taste. With the Easy Peasy Salad, mealtime becomes a celebration of the simplicity and convenience that Inspired Go embodies. Order now and discover the joy of effortless dining, one crunchy snap pea at a time!