The Dreamy Dill Salad
from Inspired Go

Have you found yourself daydreaming about the perfect salad? One that combines all of your favourite ingredients and harmonizes them into a perfect blend of flavours and textures? Your salad dreams are about to come true with the new Dreamy Dill Salad! This ready-to-eat delight is here to redefine your salad experience and make your culinary fantasies a reality. It features beets, pickled onion, croutons, feta cheese, cucumber, grape tomatoes, kale, greenhouse lettuce, and a delicious homemade dill ranch dressing. It’s ready to enjoy whenever you are, providing a wholesome, delicious meal without any fuss. Whether you need a quick lunch at the office, a light dinner at home, or a nutritious option on the go, this salad is here to make your salad dreams come true. Have this meal delivered right to your doorstep with Inspired Go!

Dream State Ingredients

At the heart of the Dreamy Dill Salad is our commitment to freshness and quality. Crisp cucumbers add a refreshing crunch, and earthy beets bring a rich, natural sweetness to the meal. But this meal isn't just about taste; it's about nourishing your body with wholesome, high-quality ingredients. Good food starts with good ingredients, and we go to great lengths to source produce, cheeses, and herbs that create a great eating experience. From the croutons that add a bold, crunchy contrast that keeps the dream interesting to the creamy feta cheese that melts in your mouth! Then, the juicy grape tomatoes meet the tangy zing of pickled onions to make every bite a blend of dreamy flavours. Every forkful of the Dreamy Dill Salad is like a journey into a dream world where everything is fresh, vibrant, and delicious. It’s the salad you’ve been dreaming of, now a reality!

Bring on the Dill!

The true magic of the Dreamy Dill Salad lies in its homemade creamy dill ranch dressing. This isn't just any dressing – it's a creamy, tangy blend that is crafted to lift up all of the other ingredients in this meal. We start with a rich base of Greek yogurt, known for its creamy texture and probiotic benefits. We add freshly chopped dill - a summer highlight with a bold and fragrant profile. Parsley, another fresh herb, adds a subtle earthiness and depth of flavour. The zest of lemon juice brings a bright, citrusy tang that perfectly balances the creaminess of the yogurt, making each bite refreshing and light. Fresh garlic adds a hint of savoury complexity, rounding out the dressing with its unmistakable flavour. The ingredients are all meticulously selected to enhance the overall salad experience. You are going to be gearing up to eat this meal on repeat, thanks to this dilly dressing!

A Healthier You

The Dreamy Dill Salad is not only a delight for your taste buds but also a powerhouse of nutrition. At just 410 calories per serving, it’s the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a light yet satisfying meal. Whether you're counting calories or just looking for a nutritious option, this salad fits seamlessly into a balanced diet. Packed with 12 grams of protein, the Dreamy Dill Salad provides a substantial source of energy to help keep you feeling full and fueled throughout your day. Indulge in the Dreamy Dill Salad and enjoy the perfect blend of flavour and nutrition. It’s not just a meal; it’s a step towards a healthier you!

Your Perfect Salad

The Dreamy Dill Salad is available now! You can order it ready-to-eat and packaged to last all week at It starts with a combination of refreshing cucumbers, earthy beets, and our homemade dill ranch dressing. As you continue to savour this meal, the crunch from the croutons, paired with the creaminess of feta cheese, adds a bold contrast that keeps this dream interesting and exciting! The pickled red onions are our version of the cherry on top, giving a crunch and tang that balance everything perfectly! Each bite is like a journey into a dream world where everything is fresh, vibrant, and delicious. So go ahead – your perfect salad awaits. Order it today!