The Classic Caesar Salad
from Inspired Go

We went back to the basics with our new Classic Caesar Salad recipe! Enjoy crunchy croutons, smokey bacon bits, and shaved parmesan cheese, all served on a bed of greenhouse lettuce. Top your salad with our house made Classic Caesar Salad Dressing recipe and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for the perfect mix of ingredients. It's everything you expect in a Caesar Salad and more! You won't want to wait to learn more about this salad and place your next order so that you can try it for yourself.

Classic Caesar Ingredients

We get the vibe that you have had enough of the fancy Caesar ingredient additions. In this recipe, we take things back a notch and deliver everything you expect from a Caesar. The crunchy croutons in this recipe are traditional and made with cracked black pepper. They add the perfect amount of crunch and substance to your meal. We went with traditional shaved parmesan for this recipe so that you get big bites of parmesan cheese while you enjoy the Classic Caesar Salad. We also kept things basic when it comes to the bacon in this recipe. We feature a traditional smoked bacon that adds flavour and protein to every bite. We also know that a Caesar salad wouldn't be complete without a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, so you'll find a lemon wedge included in every meal. You will crave the zest that this addition brings to your dish!

The Classic Caesar Salad Dressing Recipe

We all know that a Caesar Salad is all about the Caesar Dressing. We are excited to present this carefully crafted recipe that brings the whole meal together and does not stop short when it comes to nostalgic taste profiles. The recipe is creamy from the mix of mayonnaise and grated parmesan cheese. It has a hint of zest from the fresh lemon juice and white wine vinegar. You also know that no Caesar dressing recipe is complete without a hint of garlic and cracked black pepper. When it combines into one creamy and zesty blend, you have a dressing that goes so well with the other ingredients and is perfectly carried by the greenhouse lettuce blend. You will be eating it on repeat!

Why So Many Caesars?

Inspired Go has launched its fair share of Caesar Salad recipes! We are on a continuous quest to find the one that you like best, and that means we are constantly testing the market and collecting your feedback. We haven't found one yet that has stuck! This means we will continue to analyze your purchasing behaviours and launch recipes that align with the data. With this recipe, we are testing the uptake of a classic recipe that is downright delicious with no fancy bells and whistles. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Order the Classic Caesar Salad Recipe

The wait is over! We are delivering everything you expect from a Caesar Salad in the new Classic Caesar Salad recipe. It features crunchy croutons, smokey bacon bits, shaved parmesan cheese, a fresh lemon wedge, greenhouse lettuce, and a classic Caesar Salad Dressing recipe. You’ll benefit from the fibre in our greenhouse lettuce, calcium in the shaved parmesan, protein in the bacon bits, and other micronutrients that will keep you nourished throughout your day. This salad is 740 calories and lasts for up to 6 days in your fridge. There are no surprises when it comes to this meal. Place an order on today and dig in and enjoy this tried and true classic!