The Asian Crunch Salad
from Inspired Go

This crunchy and colourful salad recipe is back by popular demand! It's time to ring in the New Year with an old fan favourite. If you are new to the Asian Crunch Salad, you are in for a treat. This recipe is packed with crunchy and creamy ingredients for ultimate satisfaction. A mix of cabbage and greenhouse lettuce is the foundation that carries the dominant nutty, creamy, and tangy Asian dressing. Crispy wonton strips, sliced radish, cucumber, edamame, and carrots add an extra satisfying crunch! What we love most about this recipe is that it is nutritionally dense without you even realizing it.


When we launch a crunchy salad, we really mean it. For some, the satisfaction of a salad is all about texture. Sometimes that sought-after texture is crunch. We get it! Whether the crunch comes from the crispy bite of a carrot, or the snap of a cucumber, we are here to indulge in that bite. We created this salad as an homage to that crunch. Every ingredient has been chosen to amplify texture while also adding bold flavours.

We started with a base of greenhouse lettuce, red cabbage, and napa cabbage. Cabbage has an amazing way of supporting and holding up the dressing while maintaining the crunch. This Asian salad is back by popular demand for a reason. It features some of our other favourite ingredients. Crispy wonton strips are a treat in this meal. They are light and airy, add a slight hit of saltiness, and cling to the dressed leaves. Sliced radish, cucumber, edamame, and carrots are all hardy and tasty vegetables that everyone enjoys. They all amplify that crunch factor!

A Special Salad Dressing

We take pride in bringing the most amazing chefs to your front door. This salad recipe comes to you from Chef Alex Chen! His inspiration for the Asian Crunch Salad is from his childhood memories as he shares a favourite family recipe with us. His favourite part about this recipe is the salad dressing. It is nutty, creamy, and tangy. The creaminess is not derived from any dairy products (in fact, this salad is dairy free). Instead, it is made creamy by combining the taste and texture of sesame oil, sesame seeds, and white wine vinegar. This creamy dressing is a healthy alternative to dairy-based dressings.

It all comes down to taste, and this Asian dressing is a true winner. There is a reason that the Chen family has passed this recipe down for generations. We are so excited to be launching it once again for our community to enjoy! You can find Alex in Vancouver at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar with a long list of culinary competition wins and more than a decade of experience.

Hit your Resolutions out of the Park

We strategically launched this salad to kick off the New Year. Whether you are a long-time healthy eater, getting back into eating healthier, or know that you have some serious work to do - this Asian salad is the perfect introduction to all of that. It's an exciting fan favourite launch for our long-time customers and is an easy introduction to salads for our newcomers. You can't go wrong with Asian flavours and a crunchy texture!

Forget the days when resolutions are a short-term commitment. If you are here, you better be ready for healthy eating to be habitual and a pillar in your life. Eating healthy is something that needs to become a habit in your life in order for you to see true benefits. The core secret to creating a healthy eating habit is to make it easier for you to achieve. We deliver ready-to-eat, tasty, and nutritious meals to your home. When cravings hit you will have healthy food waiting and will have no reason to turn to other unhealthier options.

The Time is NOW!

Don't wait another week to embark on your healthy eating journey. At Inspired Go, we make healthy eating easier, more accessible, and truly delicious. Consuming more fruits and vegetables is more important than ever and it starts here. With our newest salad launch - the Asian Crunch Salad - you can't go wrong. This salad is back by popular demand and is a perfect way to ring in the New Year. It is packed with crunchy and creamy ingredients for ultimate satisfaction. Enjoy a mix of cabbage and greenhouse lettuce, crispy wonton strips, sliced radish, cucumber, edamame, and carrots! The tasty ingredients are all dressed in a nutty, creamy, and tangy Asian dressing. This nutritionally dense and crunchy new salad recipe checks all of the boxes. Don't wait to try this chef recipe!