The Apple Granola Salad
from Inspired Go

Apple season is here, and naturally, that triggers the debut of our newest and most delicious apple salad recipe. We are completely smitten with this new launch. We are excited to watch it climb the charts to the top of our salad recipes - you won't want to miss out!

Not Just Any Apple Salad

This one is superior! It's the unique blend of ingredients that gives this salad the upper hand.

APPLES: We don't just feature any old apples on our menu. We feature apples grown by our very own growers, who carefully select varieties and care for their crop in a unique way. The result is juicy apples that stay crisp even when cut. We also select varieties with natural non-browning agents and use natural ingredients to keep them from browning further. Our packaging also helps with this immensely because everything is sealed and separated.

FENNEL: This unique ingredient is included in a perfect portion. Fennel has a slight licorice flavour that adds to the fall profile and overall taste. Some salad ingredients are perfect in moderation and in combination with the other ingredients in the meal. This is one of those surprising ingredients!

GOAT CHEESE: Two things are necessary in a salad; crunchiness and creaminess. We achieve that creamy profile with goat cheese. The tart pairing is bright and welcoming in contrast to the other ingredients and makes this salad exceptional!

DRIED CRANBERRIES: Dropped in like sweet little treats, the dried cranberries are a real treat. They offer a surprising burst of sweetness and many nutritional benefits.

Homemade Granola > Croutons

We are most excited about the idea of using a delicious blend of granola instead of your regular salad croutons or crunchy vegetables. In this apple salad, the blend works so well. Our granola recipe is packed with all kinds of delicious ingredients like hemp hearts, poppy seeds, and roasted lentils. It is also gluten free, making this whole salad a gluten friendly option on our menu! We add some delicious spices to our granola and bake it perfectly so it offers the nice crisp crunchiness that is so crucial to a salad. It also gives the salad those apple crisp vibes.

We learnt a long time ago that crunch is integral to a top-performing salad. This granola perfectly coats the salad so that you get that crunch in every bite. It also achieves a unique crunch that you cannot achieve with croutons or crunchy vegetables.

The Maple Rosemary Dressing Steals the Show

As much as we argue the importance of our juicy apples and our homemade granola, we cannot deny that the dressing will always remain the #1 star of the show. The combination can make or break a salad recipe, which keeps you coming back for more.

The star ingredients in the dressing are the maple syrup profile and the fresh taste of rosemary. We also paired these ingredients with some balsamic vinegar which holds on to its strong kick and welcomes acidity into the vegetables in the dish. The tantalizing flavour of the dressing comes down to the combination of all of the raw ingredients and the way it pairs with the ingredients in the salad recipe.

Don't Forget About the Greens

At the base of every Inspired Go salad is our crips greens. We pride ourselves on our greens because they make all the difference in any meal. Each leaf has a slight curl to catch the dressing and lighter ingredients. They are grown without the use of pesticides and use 99% less water than you would use in a field. This means they are better for the environment and for your body. Because it is grown close to home in Coaldale, AB, it lasts an incredible amount of time in your fridge, and there are fewer food miles involved with transportation. You can't help but feel good eating these greens - especially when they aid with hydration, bone strength, vision, and sleep. Get your greens in you!

Include the Apple Granola Salad in Today's Order

This salad will rise to the top of the list of salad recipes in no time. It's crunchy, sweet, creamy, and has some of those fall flavour vibes we have all been craving. The ingredients in this salad make it a great gluten free option. Featuring apples, fennel, goat cheese, dried cranberries, homemade granola, and our maple rosemary dressing. This salad recipe checks all of the boxes!

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